Painfully Mainstream

by Tom Milsom

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Oddball I spent a quite some time trying to think of all the bands I love which Milsom sounds like at various points on this album, then I realized that it was impossible for one person to sound like so many weird and wonderful things simultaneously. It must simply be that he sounds like himself and that's weird and wonderful and I love it.

I'm still not sure which my favourite track is. There are so many good ones. Favorite track: Song For The Painfully Indie.
Steven Marshall
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Steven Marshall Too clever for his own good at times, but this one is just a great pop album. Brilliant stuff, and my favourite track kind of speaks to me, LOL. Favorite track: Song For The Painfully Indie.
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released December 1, 2009



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Tom Milsom London

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Track Name: Springsong
Little sun
It's hard to forget you
Every time we let you
In again

Stuck between
Always being too old
And then when you get old
It's wrong again

And you're real
You're real
You're real life

Too brilliant to mention
It was my intention
To let it go

Growing worlds
Over the horizon
Find the hill it lies on
And be alone

Cause you'll relight
you'll relight
You'll relight, relight

We're running out of water
We're running out of water
Track Name: Porphyrophobia
When you're looking for a someone, and a someone comes along,
It never enters in your head the thought that someone could be wrong
And I tell you that you're pretty, but you toss and touch your head
But you're never really special, you just realise you're average instead.

And you try a wash away the crowd, play your music far too loud
But everyone will just see that you're irritating people
Hating just another single mother actually when you're not
You think the films are funny, and I wish that I was shot
Through the heart, with a dart, but I'm not
But I'm not, but I'm not.

And there's someone that you know, and they're sleeping at your place
And there's something in his hair, and there's something on your face
And you look him in the eyes, and then he's sitting on your floor
And then you want to hold him close, but then he's walking out the door

And all the songs you played this morning were about people like me
Having fallen for, and slept with, and gotten drunk, and slept with, just like me

And I know I'm not that great, and there are things about you that I hate
And I know that I'm annoying too, but mostly when I think of you

I feel that I am someone, who is irritating people
Hating just another drunken lover, even if I'm not
Your hair is multi-coloured and your eyes are all blood-shot
And I wish that I was special, just like you
But I'm not, but I'm not.
But I'm not.
But I'm not.
Track Name: Indigo
If I mattered to you
Then all I would see is indigo.
Nothing else I could do
Could ever make you more dear to me and so
Every green, every blue,
Every red, orange, and ultramarine
I've seen
Would go indigo for you.

Every time that I look
Deep inside me the colour's all I see
And my mind is a book
Rainbow-painted, a story about me.
Photographs that I took
That were once black and white would now be free
To be
In shades of indigo for you.

Orange, yellow, green, and malachite,
Octarine, light plum, and eggshell white,
International Klein Blue, maroon,
Azure, magenta, midnight blue,
Harlequin, and helitrope,
Tea, tan, turquoise, teal, and taupe,
Amaranth, and ivory,
Cosmic latté, tangerine.

If I mattered to you
Then all I would see is indigo.
Nothing else I could do
Could ever make you more dear to me and so
Every green, every blue,
Every pink, black, white, grey, yellow, mauve, and cerise,
Beige, and ultramarine
I've seen
Would go indigo for you.
Track Name: Summersong
We are running out of water,
Summer's setting out to be too hot,
We're going except in shade.

Now the sun is rising everyday,
And I hate how it just stays that way,
The nights are too short these days.

Ba, ba, ba, ba, ba
Ba, ba, ba, ba, ba
Ba, ba, ba, ba, ba
Ba, ba, ba, ba, ba

I keep on thinking how mankind
Will shrivel up and burn and die
If we were confide into the sun.

The noise cuts off my head some days,
I wish that I was dead in ways,
I'm better now, I'm only one.

And that's how life has got to be,
I need to get you suited,
6 billion people think that we
Are more important than the rest,
And that's just how it's meant to be,
There's people ?? and me.

Ba, ba, ba, ba, ba
Ba, ba, ba, ba, ba
Ba, ba, ba, ba, ba
Ba, ba, ba, ba, ba
Track Name: Jake' Song
My friend here said that I should write a song,
And once I'd written for him I moved on
To bigger chords and more complex rhyming schemes,
And I now I think that I should really try again, again.

It's hard to say in such a short amount of time,
When every single line has got to rhyme,
I think that I can work it out this time.
Now, it's not just a phase,
All I do these days is put my friends into song,
Playing keys and writing lines of writing wrongs,
And how they're such lovely people and I'd never live without them in the end.

So wait five more years then look for me one day,
And when you've found me just walk up to me and say,
Remember me, I'm Jakey P, I'm everything I want to be,
And I think you should try to put me into song,
Playing keys and writing lines of writing wrongs,
And how I'm such a lovely person and you'd never live without me in the end,
I'll always be your friend.
Track Name: Animals
What if birds fell in love like we do,
The skys would be empty,
Made of invisible wings.
And what if fish found they had emotions,
Suddenly our oceans
Would become blinded by things.

There's something to be said,
For getting into bed,
Covering your head,
And waiting for whatever comes your way,
And in the end when you've lost all your friends,
They're never coming back.

La, la, la…

Oh, and if I could tell you I loved you,
Would you promise to try to
Feel the same way.
I know I'm not the only fish in the sea,
But if it were just you an me,
We'd take control of the sky.

La, la, la
Track Name: Autumnsong
Track Name: Song For The Painfully Indie
There's a girl there on the dancefloor and I don't know how to reach her,
Now, heterosexuality's not my defining feature.
They said skinny jeans and cardigans were the only way to go,
But now it seems that Oxfam employees are not the ones who know just how it works.

Give me a minute while I fiddle with my hair,
'Cause you keep telling me that it looks fine, but I'm the one who cares
About a good impression being made,
'Cause I'm the one who might get laid.
Don't tell me how the game is played,
Don't tell me how the game is played.

And I don't want to talk to her or take her hand
In case she tells me her favourite band is not my favourite band.

And how do I know which drink she'd want me to buy?
When do I look her in the eye?
When did the indie music scene become so overfussed,
With social inadequacy being such a plus?

Don't knock me to the ground if I'm already falling,
It'll only make things worse, you know I always knew my calling was the sage.
This evening's filling me with rage,
I only wish I had some sage advice to give to me,
The Indie Handbook, Volume Three.

We reach out girls we fancy by getting with their boyfriends,
Replaced your party-loving mates with awkward greasy boyfriends,
Who like listening to Sonic Youth.
You always much appear aloof.

Remember no amount of faking,
Will make you indie band groundbreaking.

Oh, don't think you're special or much less of a disgrace,
Just because you've got yourself a lady who plays bass.
Don't bother finding somebody to play the skin recorder,
No, that's not gonna put you back in working order.

You haven't got a different sound,
You aren't part of the underground,
You haven't been together long,
So try and write some bloody songs.

The girls outside are talking to a taxi driver,
If she were going home with me it'd only cost a fiver to my door,
I'd talk to her, but I am sure she much have heard it all before,
And guys, oh, I could cry,
That's probably the reason why,

She's dressed just like a lesbian, I hear it's quite a craze,
You can hardly move in pubs for the lesbians these days,
Oh, but it hardly matters if she's gay,
It's time to move on anyway,
I'll see you guys here half-past ten,
Tomorrow evening, do it all again.
Track Name: They
They say "what's fair in love and war,"
But this war's not fair and my heart's still sore.
Who the hell are they anyway?
The one's that say "tomorrow's just another day,"
And "there are plenty more fish in the sea,"
Not for me.

I'm finding I'm somewhat different these days,
Tired of cliches, tired of old wives tales.
There's not an aphorism made that can hold me back,
Why won't you hold me back like you used to do?
Don't tell me it's me if it's not you.

So why do they keep talking at me?
Telling me that I'm the one who's wrong?
Sometimes that's all they seem to be, they're thinking that I'm low down though,
Barely worked for socks, why would it work for mental breakdown?

They may say that you'll never love me the way that I love you,
But they've not been right so far so I think that I'll continue to!
Track Name: Wintersong
I can't find my old friends now,
They don't like me anyhow.
I just wanna sit with you,
And talk to you.

And I know
That when the snow
Falls down,
I'll be alone again.

Everything is out to get you,
Ever since when I first met you.
Oh, when it subsides,
We'll go outside.

And I know
That when the snow
Shines through,
You'll come around again.