Explorers 2

by Tom Milsom

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Part two in the "Explorers™" range, to delight you and your family! A perfect addition to any home or garden. Explorers 2 comes with a coherent Unifying Theme™, absolutely FREE!


released March 8, 2010



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Tom Milsom London

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Track Name: Why I'm Late
There are reasons for why I'm late
None of which you would believe
If you say that I'm lazy
Then I will quite happily leave

I'm not making a habit of
Lateness then pride then a fall
This is one in a million
I'd be surprised if you think that at all.
Track Name: Graveyards
There's a graveyard where no graveyard used to be
There's a graveyard made of grass and memories
Over ground that's overgrown, the grass, the skin, the blood, the bone
That's buried here in scores
The never-ending sores

There's a braveheart where the graveyard used to be
Fighting an imaginary cavalry
All the dead in this dimension wield a weapon of retention
Hidden from him now
Until they will allow

There's something reminiscent of a grey and weathered china cup
I'm sure that's just for me
The things that I can see
Where graveyards used to be
Track Name: The Heretic's Song
When I see my name
And it's written on the flames
I can see I don't belong
I am low, I am weak
I am virtually unique
And I won't be here for long
Cause my weakness makes me strong

And I see his face in every rose
And I feel his breath on my nose
And I feel the horns putting pressure on the inside of my skull
And I know, and I know

It is in the tone
When I listen to the phone
Hiding in the frequencies
He is dark but he's here
And there's nothing that I fear
Because he is one with me
Because he is one with me.